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Why do you need a Splash-Guard in your restaurant kitchen?
To help reduce your risk of cross-contamination:
  Use Splash-Guard around your prep areas for raw poultry, fish, meat and more.

 Use Splash-Guard to isolate a dedicated area to prepare food for customers with allergies.


  • Unique design!  Our patent-pending design is self-supporting.

  • Assembly is a snap!  Together in less than a minute. No hardware. No tools.

  • Cleaning is a breeze!  Wash. Sanitize. Dry. Dishwasher Compatible!

  • 6 Colors!  Made from FDA, USDA, and NSF approved ½” HDPE plastic.

  • Custom sizes!  Fit to your tables or build individual prep stations.

Available in 6 Colors
  • Yellow: Raw Poultry

  • Blue: Fish & Seafood

  • Green: Fruits & Vegetables

  • Red: Raw Meat

  • Beige: Cooked Food

  • White: Dairy Products

Now Dishwasher Compatible!

Splash-Guard portable barrier to reduce cross-contamination
Easy to Assemble and Clean!
Splash-Guard is easy to assemble and clean. The unique patent-pending design allows quick assembly and disassembly of the Splash-Guard that requires no hardware or tools. Kitchen staff can easily disassemble and place in dishwasher for sanitizing.
Custom Splash-Guard for a standard breading table with an angled side and lower clearance back
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